Fine Motor Fun – Play dough Cupcakes

Playing with play dough provides excellent exercise for hands which strengthens hand muscles and improves dexterity. Squeezing, rolling and pounding play dough is fun and great for giving hands a good workout. In addition, it improves fine motor skills. The skills gained provide a child with the ability to grip and manipulate a pencil and give better control over learning how to write.

Playing with play dough prepares a child for school and many of the activities that they need to master in life. Children can also learn about colors, textures and shapes as they learn how to manipulate the play dough. Let their imaginations guide you in some play dough fun!


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  • Materials needed: orange , pink and green play dough, silicone baking cups and muffin tray
  • Description : let your child shape and squash the play dough, put it in the baking cups and arrange the cups in the muffin trays. Ask your child to carry the muffin tray and place it in the oven. Make sure the oven is turned off! You could use sprinkles and candles to decorate the play dough cupcakes!For an older or elementary age child, this activity could be extended by creating a cupcake shop and acting out the roles of store owner and customer.
  • What I like about it : the little pastry chef enjoyed shaping and squashing the play dough, putting it in the muffin tin and baking it in the oven!

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