Sorting – Parking bay game

Airplanes and airports are often fascinating subjects for children especially boys. My son is obsessed with airplanes and helicopters. He goes to bed and wakes up talking about them none stop.  He likes to “fly” and “land” his airplanes.

So i decided to create a fun airplane game for him by asking him to “fly” his airplanes and park them at the parking bays!!


click to see more photos

  • Materials needed : airplanes, number blocks and cloth
  • Description : call out a number and they “park” in that place. like park the green airplane on “parking bay 2”. You could make it good for older kids as well by asking to put the airplane on the answer for 5+5 !!
  • What I like about it : He used his imagination to fly and land airplanes and said.. “bumpy rumbling sound… brrrrrr…brrrrrrrrrrrr”. Oh how cute..!!

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