Counting with pom poms

Number recognition, the ability to recognize numbers out of order and to understand how numbers relate to objects, is the cornerstone of math.

Here is a helpful activity to learn number and counting for your kids!!


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  • Materials needed : magnetic board, pom poms and number magnets. You can also use grid with stickers or any other fun manipulative of your choice.
  • Description : Demonstrate by putting one pom pom on the label called “One” and two pom poms on the label called “Two”, saying, “Darling, this is one, it gets one pom pom… this is two, it gets two pom poms This is three, how many pom poms should it gets?”. Encourage your child to try to do the same for the remaining labels “Three” to “Five”.
  • What I like about it : This activity is great for counting without him feeling any pressure to learn something new!!

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