Muffin tin – Letter B

Since we did Letter B last week, we made a muffin tin full of food that start with letter B (except for the bows since Rayes refused to scoop beans. Dont ask me why).

the B tray

  • Materials needed : letter B/B card muffin tray, banana, bread, biscuits, bow, butter knife to cut bread and banana into pieces.

all that you need for the B tray !

  • Description : I taught Rayes to cut up the bananas and bread using the butter knife. He was thrilled to do something new and excited about breaking the biscuits into pieces. You could also ask your child to scoop butter or cut baggle to fill up the muffin trays. Don’t forget to put the Letter B/B Card on the muffin tray!

B for Bread!

B for Bread!

  • What I like about it : He sat down quietly arranging stuff in the muffin tray and not long after that finished all of the bread and banana!

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