Shaving Cream Car Wash

Keeping toys cleaned regularly is one way to keep down the transfer of illness. A fun way to get your kids involved in the clean up and provide a tactile activity is to set up a “Shaving Cream Car Wash”.

Last Saturday I threw my boy in a bath with his cars and we had a car wash!!


click to see more photos

  • Materials needed : all you need are small toy cars, a tray, a pail of water, daddy’s shaving cream and towel to dry off.(other plastic toys can “take a bath” too).
  • Description : squirt shaving cream onto trays. I did this for him at first, but then realised, it would be more fun for him to do it themselves. I was right. Rayes enjoyed squirting shaving cream from the can immensely. The whole can of shaving cream was finished within the one session of play (which lasted about 40 minutes). He drove the cars through shaving cream carwash. Since he doesn’t generally like messy play, so i placed the pail water close by to rinse the cars but i found him rinsing off his cars just so he could squirt more shaving cream onto his tray!
  • What i like about it : my son enjoyed washing and drying his cars, making them squeaky clean. There’s also the wonderful scent of shaving cream. Lovely!!

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