Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden blocks help children in many areas of their development. They can help to develop:

  • Imagination
  • Visual discrimination (recognition of differing shapes, sizes and colours)
  • Cognitive skills (using planning, strategies and problem solving to reach a goal)
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Experimentation

Last week, we spent our Sunday evening  built a castle with wooden blocks! I had to encourage  him to build since he was keen to analyze the shapes of the blocks rather than building the castle! But he eventually tried…!!


click to see more photos

  • Materials needed : blocks with different sizes and shape
  • Description : blocks with different sizes and shapes are great for conceptual learning. Here are some ideas for block play:-
  1. Build a castle like what we did.
  2. Ask your child how many different shapes he or she can make from the blocks. You may have to first introduce to them how to make a cube, square from 2 triangles, and 2 half circles make a whole circle-the list can go on and on.
  3. Teach names for concepts such as on top, beside, behind, underneath, next to, above and below, square, triangle, rectangle, cube, cylinder and circle.
  • What I like about it : Wooden building blocks allow children to be creative and also to think outside the square.

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