Food Colouring in Spray bottle

There is so much you can do that is simple, but fun at the same time with kids. Try using spray bottle for an easy art!!

spray spray!

spray spray! green

spray spray!


spray spray!


Materials needed : two different colours of food colouring, water, spray bottle and paper.

Fill a spray bottle about halfway full with water and add several drops of food colouring until you have achieved the desired color. You could prepare two spray bottles so that your child could work with two different colours at the same time. Stick a large piece of paper on the wall and let your child begins to squirt!! You could also use any liquid watercolour. If your child might aim somewhere other than the paper, make sure to get a washable paint!! I liked the color of our pictures when they were wet, but I thought they were too light when they dried. I would probably use a little bit more food colouring next time.

 It is so easy and fun!!


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