Walking through the Alphabet

This is a great way to combine movement while reinforcing letter recognition and for your child to practice spelling their names.

walk and spell

  • Materials needed : Masking tape that pulls of easily (Painters masking tape works grate and colourful), alphabets (you can use large cards or write them yourself).
  • Description : Open the tape and keep it on the roll, make a straight line on floor. Place giant letters of your choice on the line spreading them out far apart  (it is fun to spell you child’s name like what we did). Have your kids walk on the line and shout out each letter when stepping on them. It is also fun to make them jump on the letters (using the first alphabet on the line as starting point). Within less than an hour, your kids will be able to spell their names!! Leave the alphabet line on the floor for a week or so, to get them to repeat/practice spelling their names!

jump and spell

jump and spell

jump and spell

  • What i like about it : My 2.5 year old can spell his name!! (well at least for now.. And i have decided to leave the line on the floor for a few more weeks..)

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