Indoor Football

My nephew visited us last Sunday and i planned a few interesting activities for the boys!

Since my son does not like kicking ball, and my nephew is good at it, so i thought letting them playing football would encourage my son’s football skill.

The kids had fun kicking ball into the goal!!  (although they could not play outside because it was raining)

little footballers

ELC My First Football Goal is great for encouraging your child’s earliest football skill. The goal is aimed at children 2 years plus and definitely fits this age group and beyond. The set includes the pop up goal, pegs an inflatable soft ball. There are also two extra bits that are curved that attach by Velcro on to the goal the aim of which I think is to help you get a better aim at the goal and to stop the ball flying past the goalie to quickly. It is ideal for target practice indoor or out. Thank you to dearest aunty (Mamangah/Omangah) who bought the goal for Rayes Birthday!

Your toddler probably already knows how to kick and throw a ball (and lots of other objects, authorized or not!). To build on these skills, introduce targets. Invest in ELC My First Football Goal!!!  Now challenge your child to kick his ball into the target. As she gets more proficient, up the ante  moving it further away. Gooooooal!


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