Fine Motor activity : Colour Mixing with Pipettes

Color mixing is always a fun project to do with kids and a great way to teach them about primary and secondary colors.

A favorite in our house is using pipettes and food colouring for color mixing!!


  • Materials needed : three small containers/ jars filled with water, food colouring (green, yellow and red) filled in containers/bowls, and plastic pipettes.

food colouring. plastic pipettes. jars/bottles

  • Description : Fill three small containers/jars with water. In three other containers/bowls, add food colouring. Mention that these are the primary colors and that it is possible to make other colours by mixing them together. Let the child use the pipettes to explore the colors, transfer them into containers/jars filled with water and make new colours. Talk with them about what is happening to change each of the colors.

using pipette to transfer

curious baby

using pipette to transfer

  • What I like about it : It’s easy to set up, easy to clean up and, once your child gets the hang of filling the pipettes with water and releasing it, a very self-directed activity. Sure, you may end up needing to mop and have cups full of oddly colored water in the end, but while they’re doing it, your kids will have a ball!!

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