Letter of the Week – D

To help my son learn that the alphabet was more than just a song ( he loves to sing phonics song), we had letter days.  Having them individually helped him to recognize that each letter is different just like each shape is different. After our theme day we’d review that letter for the week until the next theme day.

We recently made a letter D basket focusing on our letter of the week, letter D!

Letter of the Week - D


D is for DRINK

Materials : place anything (that you could get in your house)  that starts with the letter D in a basket/tray.

I mainly wanted Rayes to focus on recognising things that start with Letter D. I asked him to pick up each object, says its name and sounds out the beginning sound. Then he was free to play around, which involved getting other things which start with the letter D (that mummy did not include in the tray!) like his drum!!

D is for DRUM!


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