Outdoor Play – Park

Don’t let our culture takes away outdoor play from young children through excessive TV, computer /i-pad use, busy and tired parents, unsafe neighborhoods etc etc.  Take your kids to the park and let them have natural play!

Here are the main why outdoor play is critical for the healthy development of young children.

Physical Exercise

Children need to develop large motor and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance.


Learning about the World

Can sticks stand up in sand? Why do we slide down instead of up? How do I make my tricycle go faster? Much of what a child learns outside can be learned in a variety of other ways, but learning it outside is particularly effective and certainly more fun!

playing with stick

Learning about Self and the Environment

To learn about their own physical and emotional capabilities, children must push their limits. How high can I swing? Do I dare go down the slide? How high can I climb? Can I go down the slide headfirst?

To learn about the physical world, the child must experiment with the physical world. Can I slide on the sand? Can I roll on grass? What happens when I throw a piece of wood into the pond? Is cement hard or soft to fall on?




Outdoor play also enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air, and activity.

walking in the park

My husband and I would always make time  to take Rayes to the park despite busy schedules. We are so lucky to live close to the park (about 5 minutes walking!).


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