Marble Painting

Lets entertain your little ones with paint other than with paintbrushes. Try marbles !!!

Cut your paper to your preferred size. Place the paper on the floor. Put a few dollops of paint (different colours) onthe the paper. Usually 2 or 3 is fine and any more ruins the effect. Drop in the marble and allow your child to roll the marble around.  Talk about the opposites that are happening like up and down, front and back, fast and slow. Give your child another marble to see how that affects the picture. Give more and more marbles!! let them roll and roll on the paper  till your child is satisfied with the picture!

Materials needed : Marbles, different colours paint and paper

rolling marbles


marble painting


marble paintingYou could also try different objects like golf balls to see what happens!!

This is a great activity for muscle control and art.


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