The YBIKE – balance bike

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the concept of a balance bike. I’d never heard of it until I was told about the YBIKE.

YBIKE has been designed with less balancing aid, with just one thick rear wheel to maximise the gross motor skill development of the young child at 2 years old. It has no pedals, no gears, no brakes, and no training wheels. Kids use YBIKE by sitting in the saddle and pushing or running along the ground with their feet to propel the bike forward.

balancingAs children get comfortable on a balance bike, they are able to lift their feet off the ground and coast along. A child’s legs act as stabilisers when the bike starts to tip over, which has an effect similar to training wheels but without the bad habits. This bike helps to teach independence and instil confidence in your child. Not to mention, it is less likely to tip over than a bicycle with training wheels and generally produces fewer tears and less frustration throughout the learning process.

turn.. turn... don't hit the cone

too hard to turn/avoid the cones. (Let's be smarter than mummy ...Remove the cones!! )

turn... turn.... dont' hit the cone

YBIKE does not have pedals or brakes, so it does not teach your child these important aspects of riding a bicycle. ??

Don’t worry.. there are many strategies for teaching your child to pedal and brake, and these actions tend to come very naturally once they have learned to balance. So, All-in-all, YBIKE is the most effective, safe, and fun way for your child to learn to ride a bicycle.(But mommies…. Your young kids should be supervised when at first learning to master YBIKE. ).

I like to keep thing fun by making a game out of steering and turning by setting up a line of cones (or other friendly objects) for Rayes to navigate.! Once he can coast, steer, turn, stop and avoid cones (well at the moment, he would either hit the cones or remove them), he is almost ready to really ride.!


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