Butterfly Sensory Bin

Sensory bins is a wonderful way to introduce your child to different items, textures, colors, and smells. Sensory bins also provide for lots of imaginative play. If you’ve never made a sensory bin for your children before, I want to tell you how simple it really is to put one together.
Everything in this bin, I already had in the house, and it’s all been used for assorted play before. That’s the beauty of it. you can re-use these treasures over and over again, everytime using a different combination of materials so you’ll never have the same activity twice!! you don’t have to spend big money, go through your cupboards, craft supplies, your kitchen drawers,toy box… you will likely find a lot of stuff once you start looking. We have used pasta and rice for sensory play many times. This time, I decided to use sand.
Since we went to the Butterfly Park on last Saturday, so i thought it would be interesting to prepare a Butterfly sensory bin for Rayes !!

at the Butetrfly Park

exploring the sensory bin

exploring the sensory bin

exploring the sensory binYou can make it themed or not. There is no pressure and really no right or wrong. As your making your bin think of your child’s interests. You can make a sensory bin out of almost anything. You don’t need a fancy, expensive sand/water table in order to create a sensory bin for your child. I have used several different things in our home…Items that I have used with great success are –

  • flour
  • decaffeinated coffee grounds
  • rice, pasta, noodle, beans
  • cereals
  • shredded paper
  • buttons, ribbons and beads
  • grass, rocks, leaves, sand

Sensory bins are great for kids because they receive loads of tactile stimulation and it encourages imaginative play.  On the other hand they are particularly helpful for children that are tactile defensive (experiencing discomfort when touching various textures). Because these bins usually catch the curiosity of a child, they will often push themselves out of their comfort level to explore!!!


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