Will it float ?

Float activities help to teach concepts such as different objects having different properties. These activities are also a good introduction to science and the idea of answering questions and finding out information by testing. Sink and float activities can be varied for different ages, with younger children simply testing which objects float and which sink.

little scientist experimenting

little scientist experimenting

Will it float....?

Have your children test objects to see if they sink or float. Provide them with a variety of objects and ask them to think about which ones will sink, and which will float. Let them drop the objects in water and see if they were right.!! After they have done experimenting, get them to wipe down each object, and lay it on a towel to dry (include practical life skills in your fun activity!)

Some of the objects we’ve used include:

  • bath toys
  • rocks
  • coins
  • bath crayons
  • paper and stickers
  • spoons
  • toys (cars, trains,blocks)
  • soaps
It was fun to see Rayes plopping each object into the water, first predicting whether the object would sink or float. He was thrilled the entire time, shrieking, “It ssssinks!”(it sinks) or, “It floooots!” (it floats). This has become a favorite activity now, and it’s been so interesting to see what new objects he wants to experiment with.!!

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