Animal Matching

Kids are amazing at learning animal names!! If you have a few animals at your house, then this simple activity is perfect for you.

animal matching

Materials needed : Animals (Zoo/Farm/Under the Sea) and animal cards.

the Animal Matching tray

Simply put the matching animal on top of each animal card. It took a few practice rounds for Rayes to get the hang of what I wanted him to do and then once he did ,he had a great time matching all of the animals and then clapping in celebration (Yeay !!!) After all the animals were matched to the correct cards, we played a trivia game.  I asked him to find a specific animal, or find an animal with spots/stripes. He kept mentioning his favourite zoo animal, Zeeeeebbbaaaaaaa !! (Zebra!!)

animal matching

animal matching

This activity is fantastic for getting kids to use their observational skills i.e. zebras have stripes… Giraffes are tall. Rayes absolutely loves this game!! So the animal matching tray is kept on our activity shelf for now.


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