Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is full of tradition and beauty. There are many ways to incorporate learning into the Chinese New Year celebration and this is such a fun topic to teach about!! I prepared a lot of  fun activities for our Chinese New Year theme last month.

I started the themed activities with my son by reading books and looking at a world map to identify Asia and then China. The play area was decorated  with some decorations/crafts made by my son and I.


I created Chinese New Year activity trays for him to explore.


Fine motor skills – Chopsticks practice with Pom Poms


opposite words – “big” and “small” using mandarin orange and tangerine


the letter of the week – Letter C


Ang pow – fillIing up ang pow packets with real Ringgit notes


imaginative (airport) play – Airplane flying to China


Practical life skills -folding clothes/samfu

It was also a great opportunity to teach children about culture through arts & crafts.


Paper Lantern – these chinese lanterns are fun to make. A geat practice for cutting skills and make lovely decorations.


Paper plate snake – Year of the Snake


paper plate snake – Year of the Snake


Chinese Fan


Chinese Fan

I dressed him in Samfu (a traditional outfit worn by Chinese men) for the Chinese New Year celebration at his school.


dressed in Samfu.

Try out those themed activities mommies..  It is fun way to introduce your kids to different culture without having to fly across the ocean to China…!


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