Rock Painting

Rock painting is an inexpensive way to encourage children’s creativity and imagination through art. It is a brilliant way to bring creative imagination into their mind and help kids to be inspirational with nature. We did this activity two weeks ago.

It really doesn’t matter what they paint . . . just let them paint what they want and have fun!!

rock painting

rock painting

Materials needed:- paint palettes, paint, brush and rocks (anything u can find will work).

For my son who is under 3, the fun was all in just applying paintbrush to rocks, but older kids will enjoy painting specific pictures on rocks, or entirely covering rocks with colorful designs. If you find particularly smooth rocks, permanent markers can be used as well to outline shapes. You can add glitter or glue buttons, pipe cleaners and other items to the rock for more added fun (just wait until the paint dries).

rock painting

If it is difficult to get your kids to paint the rocks by just saying “let’s paint rocks”, you can give them a jumping off point like what I did with Rayes.

  • Paint Spider-Man on this rock (since he is very much into Spider-Man now)
  • Paint daddy’s face on this rock
  • Paint this whole rock green

My little artist got excited of applying paint to surfaces he didn’t normally see as canvases and Painting outside might inspire him more than sitting at the kitchen table would.!!



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