Lego City

Rayes has been obsessed with lego recently after watching the famous Lego Movie in the cinema last month and ever since, he has been asking me to build Briskburg for him.So I decided to surprise him with our very own Lego City !!! This is supposed to be our school holiday project (next week) but since we are going to be travelling, so he got the Lego City Surprise much earlier!! L1000709

This is  a perfect indoor activity to keep kids engaged for hours!

It is pretty simple really, even though it took a bit of time. All you need is a roll of tape (I used blue masking tape), lego bricks, some blocks or things to build with.

I started off by taping down double lines for roads and made a grid on the floor in his playroom. Then I cut out the places where the roads intersected. This made squares that I turned into city blocks.

I then filled one block with a train station



 a construction site



a police station



a farm



a fire station



a flat/hotel


he helped me to build a bank and a pretzel shop


there is also an airport (it is not really an airport. he just wanted to place his B-Wing star wars lego in the city so we decided to have one block for his B-Wing)


and… there is also Lord Business’ Evil Lair. My husband took one whole day to build this one last month! So i finally got to move this set from my leaving room (which previously  looked like a Lego Museum!!) 




he added a few more buildings, a school and a house with a garden which. He calls it “Mummy’s house”


L1000687In the end, we had quite the city.



We spent most of the morning building and the rest of the afternoon and the whole next day playing in the city.

I don’t usually do really big activities unless I know that they will have big results. It took so much time to get this thing set up, but considering he enjoys playing  with it  that half day  was totally worth it. !!!



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