Pipe Cleaner Fun !



I was so excited to do this fine motor again again with Layla! Rayes did this activity when he was just barely three. Layla seems to enjoy this at 14 months !!

This is a very simple activity. One of the most basic fine motor activities actually. All you need is pipe cleaners and a colander!


This activity is an ideal challenge for the child who is able to grasp objects with their whole hand or with thumb and index finger, but isn’t quite ready for more refined fine motor activities such as lacing beads on a string. As with many activities, taking the pipe cleaners out is easier than putting them back in, so it provides a natural grading of challenge for kids at a variety of skill levels. However, you might be surprised at how interested your little one may be at trying to place them back in the holes after they have been quickly ripped out.

Putting the pipe cleaners in encourages precise hand movements and higher level hand-eye coordination than lower level play skills such as stacking two blocks or placing pegs in a board.

Have fun trying  with your toddler.


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