Story Elements

I have recently been working on retelling story and understanding story elements with my four-year-old.This activity combines art and literature, which will help those visual and tactile learners.

Children will also be able to understand and internalise ideas,practice reading skills, discuss literary elements, analyse story structure, and learn from characters.

What you need:
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Pencil
What you do:

Choose a picture book that your child really enjoys. First read the book with them. You can also listen to the story on the CD or watch it on youtube!

Then, discuss the different parts of a story. There are five main parts of a story to focus on with young learners. You will need to define each part (element) of the story to your children:

l-124444You can include more or less, depending on the age of the learner. I have only introduced setting; characters; and plot to my four year old. I feel that theme and point of view might be a little too abstract for younger minds

After you have gone through the story with your child, you will illustrate each of the elements or parts of the story and create a book.  For some children, this might be a project they want to do again and again.

For my first project with Rayes, he chose Big Hero 6. A few days later we worked on Spiderman and Fireman Sam. It looks like he wants to explore more and i can’t wait for our next book!

Fireman Sam : Hero Next Door

sam 3x

sam 3z

The Amazing Spiderman

 spiderman 3

Big Hero 6 : Team up