Play Dough Angry Birds

This was a really fun activity we did today to spend some time in the morning. I went through my art supplies and  grabbed some play dough, feathers, craft foam and googly eyes . We made ourselves angry birds!!
This was really fun and kept Rayes occupied for more than an hour  (I am not so much an Angry Birds fan, but Rayes has a little obsession!!). Here are some pics of his fun !!

Cute birds!

Busy little man

busy little man

Play Dough Angry Birds

Materials needed : play dough, feathers, craft foam and eyes.

Play Dough Angry Birds


Paper towel roll Octopus

There are few ideas how to create funny things from tolilet rolls. Even the small “artists” can enjoy painting them. Very simple and they can’t mess them up.  It needs just a bit of preparation.


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  • Materials needed : part of paper tower roll, paper (the desired color of your octopus), eyes, pencil, glue and brush. Alternatively you can ask your child to paint the paper like what i did since my son likes to paint.
  • Description : place the paper-towel roll at one end of the paper. Ask your child to use a pencil to mark the distance from the end and then rule a line to mark the margin along the width of the paper and a few equidistant lines (to make eight strips) along the length of the paper, from the right edge up to the margin previously drawn on the left hand side. Give your child scissors to cut these lines right up until the margin previously drawn. Wrap the paper width-wise at the edge of the paper tower roll by asking your child to roll the paper-towel roll together with the paper . Let your child apply the glue using brush in one or two places to secure the paper . Tell your child to wrap each leg around a thick marker (or pencil) one by one, to curl the leg and make sure he holds the leg in the tight curl for 3-4 seconds before releasing.(I did not manage to get my son to do this last step since he was too excited to show the Octopus to his daddy!!)
  • What I like about it : Small children can practice scissors skills as they cut and curl the legs of the toilet paper roll octopus and the little octopus came out so cute!!