My name is Ema and I am mother to an adorable 2.5 year old boy, Asher Rayes.


I have always wanted to raise my child in a Montessori manner. Taking the assistants to infancy course was not an option for me before having my bundle of joy RAYES due to pregnancy complications, so I did the next best thing by reading books and blogs for guidance. I am far from perfect, but I l think I have done an OK job of adopting the Montessori philosophy into my parenting style.

This blog details the fun we have at home. For children, playing is learning. I love to sit back and watch my son when he is caught up in a little world of his own creation. He talks to himself, explores and tries new things. For him, there is so much to learn and opportunities for fun are endless.

Please feel free to explore the site and leave your comments. I hope to inspire you with easy and inexpensive ideas for kids activities.The main categories are listed in the Category bar at the right side of the home page. Click the category that you’re interested in to view all posts within that category.

Get ready to play and Thanks for visiting!

Ema Shazneen


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi ema! Wow…. I am so amazed with your way of bringing up rayes…i had just stumble ur blog n boy i can’t wait to try all those activities with my daughter. It looks so much fun. Do update more please!

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